Friday, July 02, 2010

Did someone say "summer?"

Yep, it's summer at Chez Phydeaux!

My zucchini is growing like ... well, zucchini!  Blossoms everywhere!  I forgot - AGAIN - to get some larger pots today for replanting.

My butternut squash or pumpkin (leaning towards pumpkin) has the beginnings of flowers - yay!

And look at those golden cherry tomato blossoms and one tiny baby tomato!  I am so excited for tomatoes this year!  And I have a big fat heirloom tomato to enjoy with dinner tonight!

Starting to think ahead about zucchini recipes!  Any suggestions???


wzgirl said...

Usually I'm not into "frying" but I've been wanting to try squash blossoms - and many of the recipes are of the sizzle variety, including Alice Waters. Very glad I tried it - super yum! Just took some fresh mozz (small piece) placed inside blossom w/ wee bit of chopped garlic & fresh herbs, twisted bloss closed, dipped it in egg white & rolled in panko. Then fried it in some olive oil........YUM! Hubs loved it too!

Brenda said...

I've never actually tried fried squash blossoms!!! Sounds delish, WZ! xoxo