Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fiberstory - new sock yarn!

I love Fiberstory's wonderful yarn and roving.  Sarah, dyer and spinner extraordinaire, has very recently added a new line:  sock yarn!

I really love and appreciate Sarah's unique colorways - she has such a sophisticated color palette.

And, given my nice stash of Fiberstory, I can attest to how rich and pretty these colors are in person.  And how soft and squishy her handspun and fibers are also!


Summer said...

Oh that yarn is the epitome of fall! Berries, pumpkins, fallen leaves, fungus! Love!!!

Hey Brenda...where'd you get those smart twitter and facebook buttons...I've been seeing some different ones...did you make them? Or, is there a secret place to get neato buttons? :)

Brenda said...

haha, I didn't create them! I just googled free social media icons or something like that, went through tons of pages, and those were the ones I liked the most. :)

Yay Fall! And fungus! :)