Monday, August 09, 2010

A workshop with Three Irish Girls and a WonderMike

Three Irish Girls @ Bobbin's Nest
Erin / Bobbin's Nest Studio (owner) and Sharon / Three Irish Girls
I recently enjoyed a fun, relaxing and educational afternoon at the Bobbin's Nest Studio with Sharon McMahon from Three Irish Girls yarn.

Well, okay, it wasn't just ME and Sharon ... I was part of a workshop Sharon taught on hand dyed and painted yarn.  Followed by a trunk show.  Followed by my adopting a bag full of gorgeous hand dyed and painted yarn.

And it was ... fun, relaxing and educational!  With much laughing!
Three Irish Girls @ Bobbin's Nest
Three Irish Girls trunk show (this is a SMALL sample!)

Sharon is super funny and quite the talent when it comes to color and fiber!  I wanted to learn how to deal with yarn that stripes and pools the colors.  According to Sharon, I'm a "hater" - as opposed to a "lover" of the striping and pooling.  Guess what?  She's RIGHT.  I really hate pooling and striping of colors.  I love perfectly interspersed colors. You wouldn't believe how much time I spend making sure that my knits don't have blotches and streaks of color!

So here's a great insight that she shared with us (not scientifically proven ... yet ...).  "Haters" (e.g., me) avoid wearing a lot of patterns, instead preferring solids.  SO true.  I don't wear a lot of patterns.  I much prefer solid colors (though I love love stripes and tweeds and plaids).

I was happy to pick up some great tips and tricks for dealing with the those yarns that just insist on striping and pooling.  I actually want to knit up some, just to try out these new ideas!

Three Irish Girls @ Bobbin's Nest
Three Irish Girls - who says bulky isn't beautiful?
Let me also share with you ... and I'll write more later this week about this ... I was beyond tickled to also meet one of my knitting heroes:  WonderMike (and a huge thanks to him for so graciously allowing me to share his photos with you!)!  What an afternoon!

What about you - are you a "lover" or a "hater" of the pooled/striped colorways when you're knitting or crocheting? And, just to test Sharon's theory ... do you wear more patterns or more solids?

Image credits:  from WonderMike's Flickr photostream


wzgirl said...

Lover. I love the surprise of what color comes next as I knit - part of the fun for me! Then again, I love solids, too!

Brenda said...

You may be knitting up all sorts of super adorable things very soon! Hugs!!!

WonderMike said...

Fun post! Thanks for the photo credit. :-)

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing, Michael! :)