Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New handspun scarves

Autumn Garden merino wool scarf

I am seriously swamped this week with work and Phydeaux deadlines, so am just popping in to share with you a (yay!) shop update in my hand knits shop on Etsy!  I've had scarves piling up for weeks (and in some cases months) - finally blocked and photographed them.

Christmas Gilt Scarf

These are all knit from luscious handspun fiber.  Even one that I spun myself (below)!

I spun it, then I knit it!

Even more to come this weekend!

What colors would you love to see in scarves knit with handspun fiber?


Sharon said...

Love your thick and thin handspun scarves and feel your pain. I, too, have a ginormous stack of product to photograph.

Brenda said...

Thanks, Sharon! I look forward to seeing what you've created - and with you very own handspun fiber! :)