Monday, October 04, 2010


I adore October ... it's my favorite month, hands down.

I love the crisp in the air.

The skitter of leaves.

Squash and apples and bread and pies and the list goes on ...

Knits! Wool and knitting and cups of hot mint tea with honey.

What do you love about October?

(p.s., I know I'm behind on announcing the giveaway winners - I will announce those lucky peopls this week!)

Image:  Autumn's kiss, by Meehan Photography


Sharon said...

Me, too. October is the best! I would live in a perpetual October if I could.

cara said...

I absolutely LOVE October, not only for the weather and the absolutely stunning change in the foliage... but it's my birthday month so it adds an extra super specialness to it :)

Today, as I was walking over to a cafe to meet a friend, the trees just whispered I love You, it was so lovely..

Brenda said...

Oh, me too, Sharon!

Cara, happy birthday month! And what a lovely sentiment from such a magical tree. October really is the best.


Camille said...

I too love October. It just seems like nature's satisfaction...the harvest, the pleasant weather, the gorgeous colors, the slower pace. It's wonderful!