Friday, December 03, 2010

Totally easy and absolutely free knitting pattern

Everyone seems to be looking for quick gifts to make for Christmas presents right now.  Here's a super quick scarf pattern that you can knit up in different colors for more than one person on your list.  Super easy - all you need to know how to do is knit, purl, cast on, bind off!

Super quick ribbed scarf knitting pattern

  • One skein super bulky yarn (106 yards - use Lion Brand Thick & Quick if you like, which just so happens to be 106 yards!)
  • One pair size 19 US (15.5-16mm) needles (you could use 17's - just know you'll get a slightly skinnier scarf)
For a 55" x 8" (approx.) scarf:

CO 15 sts.
Row 1:  k3, p1, k2; rep from * to last three sts, ending k3.
Row 2:  p3, *k1, p2; rep from * to last three sts, ending p3.

Rep rows 1-2 until you near the end of your skein.

Next row:  BO in pattern.

Weave in ends and block.  Trim ends.  Wrap up and give!

Want it longer and a little narrower?  CO 12 sts instead of 15, follow pattern (you'll just work one less pattern repeat [k2, p1 on RS]).


Cheryl Lee Patrick said...

I have a question and hope you can answer: this is in regard to your "super quick ribbed scarf knitting pattern ( Dec 3 2010 ),

In review of the patter I am confused. I believe there to be a typo in Row one as it says to rep from * and the * is not marked. I assume it is to me after the K3 ?

Also, find it confusing that the pattern ends with a K2 and then K3

I'm reading the pattern as CO 15
Row 1: k3 p1 k2 p1 k2 p1 k2 k3.
Row 2: p3 k1 p2 k1 p2 k1 p2 p3

Can you please respond to either confirm or correct? I want to share this pattern with some students wanting to learn to knit> i want to be sure of the sequence, as it is different with the end repeat like that... Thank you !, Cheryl

Brenda said...

Hi Cheryl - Row 1 should read k1, *p1, k2 ...

It's just missing the asterisque before the first p1. :)

Thank you!