Friday, December 03, 2010


It's been a rough and tough year, I won't lie. But lately, things are going so well that I stop to thank God multiple times throughout the day!

  1. As of this week, my day job includes benefits.  Yay!
  2. And my day job is part time, which allows me to continue Phydeaux (crucial through the holiday season!).  Yay!
  3. The second said benefits are active ... I'm taking care of health business.  Yay!
  4. I very nearly sold my Christmas tree this year, but knowing how very much I love Christmas trees, decided not to.  I love the lights - it's prestrung and wired.  As you can see above.  Yay!
  5. I had the best Thanksgiving ever with my parents and brother - first one as an entire family in more than 10 years.  (How many people say that about Thanksgiving with the family?)  Yay!
  6. I have new two new lines I'm preparing to debut for Phydeaux - totally new and different from what I've done previously - so excited!  Yay!
  7. I have the absolutely most comfortable down comforter on the planet - I was worried that it might be bedraggled after being in storage - just in time for an early super cold spell in the Bay Area.  Yay!
  8. I have the best customers ever - so many wonderful people who love handmade and love knitting -thank you thank you and yay!
What awesomeness is going on in your life lately???


Orion Designs said...

It's nice to read such a happy post! Good for you for all of the positives in your life!

Elena said...

Brenda, your positive spirit is such an inspiration. And that in itself is pretty awesome!! :D

Sharon said...

Awesome list of things for which to be thankful indeed! Can't wait to see your new lines!

Summer said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you, Brenda! I'm sending more good thoughts your way. :)

Brenda said...

Thank you friends - and you are true friends, indeed! xoxo