Thursday, December 22, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel

After two mondo-sized bottles of Robitussin, a gazillion kleenex's, several gallons of OJ, a bottle of Nyquil, TONS and TONs of cough drops . . . I'm finally kicking this thing!!!

Today's my first day of non-constant coughing (still coughing, but not constant), no raw throat or earaches, I can actually taste and smell, can't always breathe yet but working on it, I don't feel like a Mack truck hit me. I've had this thing for nearly two weeks. Kris and Rich, hang in there, you can survive this thing.

One more day of taking it super easy, then off to Mom and Dad's for Christmas Eve/Christmas. Finished my last little bit of Christmas shopping today. Wrapping tomorrow.

Major housecleaning today, along with reading (got a couple of books at the library this morning, YAY).

Fantastic Four is about as bad as one might suspect, but I suckered myself into Netflixing it. I'm counting on Spellbound to restore my faith in movies. Just watched The Weight of Water on IFC, which took MAJOR liberties with the book. Still better than Fantastic Four, though.

I'm preparing to foray into selling on ebay -- lots of clothes and books to unload -- that's my major project for next week.

Also have a roller skating 40th bday party next week (yay, Kris!)!

Also preparing to restart a low carb diet next week -- time to do myself a favor.

Hope to see a few movies next week -- if the coughing's really gone -- likeKing Kong and Harry Potter.

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