Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still raining!

Oy, will it ever stop?

Busy busy busy. Lots going on at work. Great annual review (whew). Lots of job security, with lots to keep me and the staff busy for some time to come. It's budget season -- I have one done and many to go.

Started two online classes this week, accounting and econ. I know, I'm insane. I've pretty much decided to forego the MBA and go with the MPA with health services administration concentration: two years, starts 9/06, vs. three + years starting 1/07. Get it? I'll be done in 8/08. BEFORE I retire.

Watched King Kong today. Started slow, but I nearly came unglued during throughout, alternating between chewing nails, hiding eyes, or just watching in amazement. Should have seen it on the big screen! Peter Jackson is definitely a minor deity.

Worked on floor in living room today. Found a product that may help the wood flooring. We'll see what my test patch looks like tomorrow.

Cats are rolled up in a blanket that was fresh out of the dryer a few hours ago. I don't know if I'll see them before tomorrow. They've pretty much melded.

Nothing else that exciting going on. Bad news is the rain. Good news is that thanks to the rain, I have a GORGEOUS back yard, green and chock full of blooming calla lilies, lavender, daffodils, and some unknown flower.

Happy Easter to all!

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