Sunday, September 03, 2006

God gave us long weekends fgotor a reason

To re learn how to re lax!

So the question is, "how many videogame systems and games does one 43YO rather intelligent woman really need?"

The answer, "two more!"


Got myself a gamecube and a new gameboy advance sp (gave mine to my MOM for Christmas -- she's a tetris freak). Why did I do that? So I could play the Zelda games I got off of ebay! Wind Waker is COOOOL (cube). Played for several hours yesterday, just in awe of the
translation to 3-D from 2-D. Can't wait for Twilight Princess -- hopefully out in November!

Then I needed the advance SP for Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons that I finally won from ebay (I've been trying for eons) -- can't play on my nintendo DS, because the old gameboy color cartridges don't fit in it.

hee hee hee.

The girls have been happy happy happy because I'm keeping the bird feeder next to the back window filled, and also scattering seed across the patio. We have VERY well fed birds.

The wellness coach idea is BRILLIANT. I'll probably buy another 18 weeks when my 10 weeks runs out. It's really great to talk with someone each week about my successes and my failures, get new ideas, positive feedback, not so gentle pushing to up my goals, etc. I might have lost a pound, but more importantly, I've established some new habits: drinking LOTS of water, cooking in advance for the week, eating salad every day, snacking on fruit and veggies. I just want for my first walk (yay!), and I'm hurting a bit. Not so much from the walk, but the rest of my body. I think I might have to start working with a chiropracter or something to get myself into better alignment. Everything feels slightly off.


I bought my school supplies (hee hee) -- lots of colored pens and highlighters; paper; stapler (for the eleventy billion papers I'll be writing). I already have reading to do, and I think one or two short papers. Welcome to grad school.

But in 23 months . . . my post will be "I'M A GRAD SCHOOL GRAD!!!!!!!!!!"

Big shout out to Rich and Kris for surviving Burning Man! Call me when you're ready/able to talk!

(p.s., I'm a little embarrassed to share that I just won the "legend of zelda collector's edition" for gamecube, has four games on it, including Ocarina of Time, one of the highest rated videogames of all time . . . but can't wait to get it!!!!!)

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