Saturday, September 16, 2006

What have I gotten myself into???

Due next weekend:

One 4-6 pg paper
Reading >600 pages
Web searches and reading

Actually, it doesn't look as bad now. I thought I had to write two papers. Whew!

The big annual street dance is just warming up outside -- as much as I love love love where I live live live, I hate hate hate the annual street dance, which is just a couple of hundred feet out of my front door. Thousands of drunken people, very very loud music from 5-6 bands, and then the folks who think it's OK to wander into our yards, look through our windows, toss their cigarettes, cups and beer bottles into our yards. I guarantee our trash, which was ~2/3 full this morning, will be overflowing tonight. And then the street cleaners usually run until 1:30 or 2am. Hope they all have fun! I'll be inside with earplugs and homework! Hope my cats don't go bezerk!

I have two loaves of bread rising right now. Whole wheat, flax, sunflower seed, etc. I've broken through my first big wall of resistance with the wellness coaching thing. One of my goals was to no longer drink soda, even diet soda, at the end of 10 weeks, which I've been resenting and resisting until this week. Yay! I've just lost my taste for it, and am drinking bucket loads of water. That alone is a hugely positive change. I'm getting addicted to fruit -- something I've never been that keen on -- another great change. Not tropical (high glycemic index), but stone fruit, grapes, berries, citrus. I'm less interested in junk and always looking for something healthy. YAY!!! I have some major cooking to do tomorrow. Today was more about cleaning.

I have TONS of work to try to do this weekend. Better get to it (just started the new fiscal year).

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