Sunday, November 19, 2006


Let's see . . . foot convalescing well following having part of my toenail removed thanks to a big old infection and ingrown nail (FUN). Achilles tendonitis on same foot from the limping and guarding not so well, but continuing the soaks, stretches and TLC. Tendonitis in right shoulder has my right arm nearly useless, but I keep popping the NSAIDS and going forth. Arthritis or god knows what in my right hand and fingers more of a problem, so I'm trying out a capsicum (sp?) cream.

Got a couple of hours of sleep Friday night after an entire week of writing papers, reading, working on a presentation. A little late for school Saturday, tried to stay awake. Gave a TERRIBLE presentation -- if I get a C I'll be lucky. Checked my voicemail during a break (heard my dad's cell phone ring tone just before I did my thing), message from Mom that Dad's in the ER. All thoughts fly from my brain. I got my things, told one of my fellow students that I had to leave, got to car, called Mom, Dad's in the ER with what sounds like a stroke.

Got home, started packing, then thought for a minute. Called her again, it actually sounds more like a TIA ("mini stroke" or transischemal attack). We decide that I'll put off rushing up, since we don't know what it is yet. Dad's sent home with oral anticoagulants (blood thinners) and is told it's "just" a mini stroke. He has a neuro appt Monday a.m. We'll know more then.

Poor Dad! He's doing a little better today. Hope he spent the day resting.

So, I spent most of the day getting my NEW IPOD (video/80GB) set up and importing my music to my computer/syncing to the iPod. We're getting there. I'm looking at converting all of my cassettes to CD -- a fun project.

And I just learned a painful lesson -- wash your hands very well before rubbing your eye, if you've touched arthritis cream with capsicum! Just flushed that poor eye for the last few minutes. Now I have an idea of what pepper spray's like, and it ain't fun!

TWO MORE WEEKS of school -- ONE MORE CLASS -- then SEVEN WEEKS OFF -- and I get to decide once and for all what I'm going to do: stay or drop.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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bren, take care of yourself and you folks!!! gobble!