Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

Molly and I are curled up in a warm knot after a very busy day!

Great Turkey dinner that I made: turkey breast, homemade cranberrry sauce, and cranberry/pecan dressing with pinenuts, pecans and whole wheat bread cubes.

Massive housecleaning, and it's still nowhere near clean. Also set up our very gorgeous, but HEAVY, new artificial prelit tree. Can't decorate it until I finish cleaning.

Also spent some time raking the back yard.

I'm whooped -- it's nearly six and I've been going non-stop since 9 or 10 this a.m. Trying to let my back decompress. Looking forward (hahaha) to an evening of schoolwork and perhaps buying a few itunes for download.

On another front, I've made some new breakthroughs in my ongoing family geneology projects, and am cautiously super excited. If I'm on the right track, we have two very well-documented family lines, one through late 900's France (thanks to a long line of lords and barons, who knew), and another extending to 1200's in Scotland including a king, and even before, I just gave up and had to go to sleep. Loving this. It's fascinating, great detective work, and will create a good excuse for travel in the near future (well, I have to confirm the online documentation, don't I?).

It's very chilly today -- too bad I didn't get to cleaning out the fireplace -- that will be tomorrow, then I can enjoy a log in the evening!

Hope all of you are enjoying family (furry or other), turkey, football, movies, or whatever you're spending the day doing.

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