Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yet Another Quiet Day

But more fruitful. Major kitchen clean, including cleaning out and organizing my pantry. Yay. Found FOUR bottles of bay leaves, and couldn't find one to save my life last weekend. Baked chocolate muffins with cranberries, chocolate chips and orange peel (don't laugh, they're delish!) to take to work tomorrow. Thawed out a frozen lobster tail and broiled it -- OK, nothing to go bezerk over, but I don't really go bezerk over lobster anyway. Molly, on the other hand . . . she is a lobster fanatic. Have to keep that in mind. Such frantic mews. She licked the shells for at least a half hour. She and Fiona slept curled in a knot most of the day, and now they're in their separate spots in the living room, next to fireplace (log on fire) and Christmas tree. Oops, here's Molly now, blinking sleepily at me. I have a kettle on, for hot cocoa, and am looking forward to a relaxing evening, and preparing for work tomorrow.

It was very stormy and cold today -- rain, wind, and cold -- time to get the sweaters and coats cleaned! Great day for stew, and I have beef stew in the crock. Should be ready by tomorrow morning.

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