Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest TV flips and flops

A new Fall TV season is perfect entertainment for the over committed lupus challenged individual (prone, passive, background entertainment). Some of the good, the bad and the ugly:

Big Bang Theory: So bad I didn't last five minutes.

Heroes: Great!!! In fact, I'm going to watch the same episode again!

The Bionic Woman: Pretty disappointing, but I'll watch it at least once more. BTW, did they just import the Battlestar Galactica cast or what?

House: Good, ridiculous fun -- I'm still hooked.

Private Practice: One of the worst spinoffs of an equally bad show I've ever sat all the way through. I have a love/hate relationship with Grey's Anatomy, which is really just a poorly written soap, but keep finding myself watching it. I'm erasing this one from my DVR schedule though. Not one original idea or take on an old idea.

Journeyman: It was OK, not incredible, but not terrible. I'll give it another try. Smacked of The Time Traveller's Wife, without the lyricism, romance or soul.

Chuck: Fun!

CSI: I haven't watched it in a few years, but gave it another go, with this DVR thing. I was a bit shocked to see the weight the lead gained, but was happy to see that he's still the lead and even in a romance (because you know that unless you're lean as a whippet, you're doomed to dying alone on the wonderful world of TV).

Ugly Betty: Y'know, this is a fun show, clever, self-deprecating, celebrating the normal Joe's and Jane's of the world. But I can take it or leave it. I enjoyed it, but the world wouldn't end if I didn't watch it again.

My Name Is Earl: Clever, sweet, smart, etc. Yay for a great comedy!

The Office: Ditto!

Wow, it seems like I watch an awful lot of TV, doesn't it? I keep trying to watch the sitcoms that others talk about, but I really hate them. I wish laugh tracks were banned -- that's a nail in the coffin for any show for me.

So, enjoying some new shows, but no worries, most will be cancelled in a few months (if that long), given America's short attention span. We'll see how many more reality and game shows they can cram in.

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