Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was looking forward to Winter break (the entire University where I work shuts down between Christmas and New Years) so that I could r-e-l-a-x. Ha. I haven't done it yet! I spent yesterday, one of my first full days back at home cleaning out my storeroom and taking down/putting away Christmas tree/etc. Today I spent on my back bedroom, trying to reclaim it as a usable room (vs. junk). I have clothes, jackets, blankets, socks and shoes to go to charity/homeless shelters. I have tons of trash and recycling, but no place to toss it, with everyone else's Christmas trash waiting to be picked up. I also did some major raking/sweeping of acorns in my back yard. The birds are particularly happy, since I also filled their feeders and spread bird and squirrel treats around.

I did make a delish new recipe yesterday, loosely based on something I saw on Everyday Italian: a beef and butternut squash stew. I'm enjoying one of my favorite salads right now (also from Everyday Italian -- I love the food from that show!): arugula, endive, toasted walnuts + chicken. Day three of no/little sugar, after a very sugary Christmas. I'm missing it less today, yay! I'm also determined to spend this evening relaxing. Wish me luck.

Here's to 2007!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bestie! Hugs.

ps. I think Rich is up to the challenge of converting you to a sushi lover....if he can turn me, you are next.

Love ya, Kris