Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life and times of a grad student

We're at the 1/4-way point for this graduate degree -- too late to drop out and still soooo long to go! I just wish I was less of a procrastinator and much more organized.

After FOUR MONTHS, I suddenly have access to my University email account (geesh), so was able to get my syllabus/etc. for our next class, and am now quietly having a stroke. TONS of reading every single week, with a paper due each week, a group project, a presentation, and the "participation" portion of the grade pretty explicitly stated that one must be prepared to discuss any of the assigned reading in depth, even to present/summarize.


During the same time period that is the hardest at work: budgets. I am anticipating 55-65 hour work weeks, given the deadlines, that this is my first budget cycle in my new department, and that I am also recruiting for and will hopefully have brand new staff.


I guess it's time to become uber-organized and manage my time very very well.

Any one have suggestions???

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