Friday, May 09, 2008

Etsy Treasury Secrets Part I

Treasuries are a popular feature at Etsy. They're also a huuuge source of mystery and urban myth. I'm sharing with you all my own findings about treasuries!

True or False?

True: Treasuries are a GREAT way to promote on Etsy.
False: Treasuries are a GREAT way to promote your own items on Etsy.
True: Treasuries are a GREAT way to promote other sellers on Etsy.
True: There is great joy and satisfaction to be found in selfless promotion of others and NOT yourself.

Fact: You're not supposed to include your own items in your own Treasuries (and why would you want to, when it's so much fun to focus on others??), but you can include ONE of your own items, though if your Treasury is selected for the Front Page, Etsy won't include your own item.

Fact: Etsy's front page collection is selected from Treasuries (even Treasuries created/curated by Etsy Administration).

True or False?

True: A really beautiful and unique Treasury with great and clear photos has a great chance of being on the Front Page.

False: The #1 Treasuries in popularity (more on this later) are not automatically on the Front Page (I see many Front Page Treasuries that have very very few views).

True: Being in Treasuries increases your chances of being on the Front Page.

True: Lots of Treasury curators use their favorites or "hearted" items to build their Treasuries.

True: Therefore, being "hearted" can increase your chance of being in Treasuries.

True: Lots of Treasuries are created by Etsy Street Team members using co-member items.

False: Being in a Street Team guarantees you'll be in Treasuries.

True: Being in a Street Team and taking GREAT photos of your really GREAT items increases your chances of being in Treasuries significantly.

True: Begging in Etsy Forums or via Treasury comments to be included in Treasuries increases your chances of being in Treasuries (likely quite the opposite).

Fact: When you like a Treasury (your own, others or one you're in), click once on each item! Why??? Watch the counter on top of each item, to the right increase by one. You're allowed 12 clicks total.

As you can see from my very fancy and professional circled area to the left, my own treasury shows a # of views, a # of clicks and a # of comments. With each of these, your Treasury gains "hotness" or popularity. My Treasury started out with a very pale gray square to the far left -- now it's a sort of blue gray (still darn cool).

If you comment on a Treasury and like it, CLICK on each photo!!! Increasing clicks increases "hotness," which quite honestly means nothing other than giving the curator the satisfaction of seeing that their Treasury did well.

MORE Treasury Secrets this weekend!!!

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