Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day with Savor, part II

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On to my adventure with Lisa from Savor at Etsy this last weekend!

For many Etsy sellers, and probably many buyers as well, Lisa is well known for her business acumen. I consider several of her Etsy Forum posts essential reading for sellers, including:

In fact! It's this last thread that really made me think I really could actually do this. Posted on the same day as my first sale. :) Thank you, Lisa!

But Lisa isn't just a very skilled and creative soapstress + savvy business woman, she also has a huge (and soft) heart with a very sweet soul. Who loves to smile and laugh!

And her home is filled "nearly" from wall-to-wall with soap supplies, business supplies, soap, etc.! When you walk in, you revel in the wonderful fragrances of all of her creations. What a treat to smell them all in person!

On Saturday, Lisa made 100 lbs of soap for wrapping and labelling on Sunday! She sold something incredible like 500 items during her anniversary sale and the following day. 100 lbs!!! Oy!

Needless to say, we settled right in to work (well, she'd been working, it was me who got settled in). I started labelling soap bars that she'd put into shrink wrap and used the heat gun to ... shrink the wrap. Some soaps I knew well, others were new to me. Her new Joie de Vivre soaps are so beautiful! And by the end of the evening, I was FINALLY able to pronounce this correctly (I want to knit a scarf in this color)!

We had a blast visiting and laughing and talking about things we both love. I got to meet her husband, Mike, such a nice, cool and oh so smart guy! (Who asked if my home is as full of supplies as their's ... ummm, yeah ...) Her four kitties very kindly agreed to meet me, while choosing not to bond with me, and I respect their decision. :( (they are CUUUUUTE).

And guess what? I got a LOT of Savor Secrets! Like what blends make which soaps. Or how a soap came to be. We talked a lot about our creative processes ... not very dissimilar! (Those Savor Secrets are going to the grave with me, folks....)

Tomorrow! How a top seller keeps herself organized ... or "maintaining one's sanity, Etsy style"

p.s., I think I rebroke my toe today :( Very swollen, very discolored, can I get a do over???


wzgirl said...

Ooooo! I want to sniff each and every one of those bars! What fun, you guys!

Summer said...

Brenda, I'm so jealous! Okay, Lisa, I'm next! :)