Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Only what you love"

Last night, I was really struck by Eileen Fisher's mission statement for her clothing design company:

One point that leapt out above the others is this:

"Produce only what we love."

I wonder if all of us do truly produce only what we love, or if we succumb more often than we'd like to producing what we think will be popular or producing a special request that we don't love as much?

I know for me, I'm focusing more on creating what I love, and that creation takes quite a bit more time, resulting in a sizable number of projects in progress. I'm moving to the type of design I love: more intricate and complex. It's been a nice break to slow down and play with new techniques (some of which I'll start to share right here) and reconnect with the part of my soul that loves to create.

By the way, I ran across the mission statement when reading about Eileen Fisher's Business Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs. This may be of interest to some of you - please check it out!

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Elena (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

A pretty crucial reminder. I know what you mean...!

Coincidentally, my favorite item of clothing over the past several months has been an Eileen Fisher (the only EF in my wardrobe) cardigan/wrap - I love the way it feels and how it makes me feel when I wear it :)