Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another reason to knit :)

This book (oo la la!)!

I have picked this book up and put it back down in a gazillion different book stores this year. I finally realized I should just get it over with and take it home. :)

I have a serious love for old world intricate work, whether lace or embroidery or tapestry or what have you. This book is chock full of knitting designs that are sumptuous, lovely, elegant, old world, and knock down gorgeous.

Add some ribbon and I'm all yours.

The photos are just beautiful. I haven't even really looked at pattern details yet - I'm so mesmerized by the photos and color and fiber. :)

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes is the mastermind behind French Girl Knits. You can also drool over, I mean look at, her lovely creations right on the web.

And hello? A knitting tour in France??? Brilliant!

1 comment:

lillyella said...

wowsa! I want top 2 & 3 - now please. have you started them yet?

ok, now? really, Im waiting.