Monday, June 07, 2010

Go local: support your local farmers and gardeners

Every summer, my friend Heather starts up an internet-based group, Go Local, for those who grown their own and/or buy local foods.

Gardening, canning/preserving, farmers markets, local eggs or butter or milk or tofu or whatever!

Heather's starting up Go Local 2010 as I type!

Love to garden?  Love to eat?  Love to cook?  I think this is the group of like minded individuals for you.

I'm so excited this year to finally garden!!!

I have a dwarf meyer lemon at my back door, soaking in the sun and already producing lots of wonderfully fragrant blossoms.

I have baby lemon and lime trees that are just about ready to repot (yay!).

I have heirloom, beefsteak and grape tomatoes.  Cannot wait!

And, of course, zucchini and another squash.  The marker is gone!  It's either pumpkin or butternut.  Either way, they're growing like mad and I'll be repotting to another size up tonight.

I'm also starting greens seedlings.  I know it's traditionally late in the year, but we skipped Spring this year in the Bay Area.  It was Winter, then (this weekend) it was Summer.  I'm counting on their pulling through for me ...

I'll post each Monday about my gardening adventures, along with recipes using locally grown foods.  Read Heather's great blog every Monday for a weekly guest post!  And let Heather know if you're interested in a guest post or otherwise being part of the fun.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for spreading the love, Brenda.

Adrienne said...

Not only to your veggies sound delish but your knitting is so yummy! Can't wait to read about your adventures this summer!

Meg said...

I found your blog through Heather's Go Local challenge. Your garden looks fabulous! I've always wanted a lemon tree but I'm in Seattle so I'm not so sure about it... I can't wait to see if it gives you lemons!