Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chunky knits that will keep you warm

soft acorns hand knit scarf in brick red
Brr, brr, freezing, freezing.

The immortal words of my youngest brother. As a baby (OK, toddler), he'd mutter those words in his sleep at night if he kicked off his blankets. Now a family slogan, forever burned into our subconciousnesses and family lore.

winter pastels hand knit mitts

It is cold!  Tonight is supposed to hit freezing the Bay Area. Wow! I was wearing shorts just a week ago. Now all I can think of are wearing cozy, chunky warm knits.

I have piles of just that to add to my Etsy shop!  Chunky, soft, cozy, colorful, warm:  'tis the season to wear your knits.  I have many new things as of today, and more will arrive this weekend.

pink and grey hand knit neckwarmer

I also have several brand new, super chunky knitting patterns on the way.

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And Happy Thanksgiving!


Sharon said...

All three of these items are cool!

The brick red of the scarf is a yummy color and the lace pattern is lovely. The colors in the rolled edge handwarmers are very cheerful and it is featured in a great photograph! The neckwarmer looks heavenly soft and cosy.

Have a great holiday!

Brenda said...

You, too, Sharon! xo