Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get a jump on Black Friday at Phydeaux Designs

{ black lace handcrafted buttons }
It's officially Thanksgiving in the US as I type this - I wish you and yours love, fun, feasting and treasured memories!

But you might also want to start your holiday shopping even a little earlier than the infamous Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving - a huge shopping day in the US)!

So, I'm sharing my Black Friday discount code with you a day early ... and it works on all Phydeaux Designs sites:


(I know!  Such a sneaky and clever discount code!)

For an automatic 30% (!!!) discount on the following sites, just enter "blackfriday" during checkout.  Your order, prior to shipping, will be automatically adjusted for a 30% discount:

Phydeaux patterns and buttons - my own site
Phydeaux knits on Etsy
Phydeaux patterns and buttons on Etsy
Phydeaux home decor and art on Etsy

hand knit christmas trees filled with lavender and cedar }
I'm not able to combine discount codes (I'm elated that Etsy allows discount codes now - a brand new feature!) and the discount is valid only for purchases from now through Friday night, midnight PST.

But!!!  I will, periodically, on Friday put up a super special or something new and exciting that you might not have seen before (oh, say ... Christmas ornaments???).  If you'd like to stay in the know, just follow me on Twitter or Facebook - you'll be covered either way.

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One last little incentive ... I very may well be taking down anything that isn't ready to ship in any of my shops later today (particularly buttons), so if there's something you've been eyeing, now's the time.  Just saying.  :)

p.s., On Friday, there will be three (3!!!) brand new cowl designs in my hand knits shop on Etsy.  Chunky, oversized with LACE (hehe).  And if I'm very productive tomorrow night after the turkey coma, I will have at least one knitting pattern ready from that new bunch.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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